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Stage and Lighting Design – Dad – Surfer


Tyler is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, where he began to pursue lighting design at a young age. He was classically trained in the art of theater lighting which began a career that led him across the world. Tyler has designed lighting for concert touring artists including: Todd Rundgrun, The Kings of Leon, Opeth, and Steve Winwood. He traveled North America with performers such as: Jewel, Hall and Oats, The Deftones, World Wrestling Federation, and Toby Keith. Tyler loves gardening and has developed his own brand of LED grow lighting fixtures. He is also a dedicated father who enjoys spending time with his family.

In 1999 Tyler traveled to India and Europe to provide lighting for a documentary film. On April 8, 2002, Tyler received a commendation from the White House Communications Agency for his lighting design work. In 2006 he relocated to Los Angles, California to be closer to his work and the ocean. During 2008 Tyler was the lead stage rigger at the Honda Center, in Anaheim, California. He supervised the local rigging crew for many large scale touring productions. Tyler spent the next few years taking on larger projects and expanding his network. This led to more opportunities in the live entertainment sector. He also founded Cool Efficient Lighting and in 2008 in order to build an efficient and sustainable indoor grow lighting system.

Since 2012 Tyler has been the lead rigger for many large scale music festivals around the southwest United States. RTG Design, Tyler’s company, provided all the rigging services for “Festival Supreme” on the Santa Monica Pier in 2013. In 2014 Tyler and his team built and rigged the “Cosmic Meadow” stage for the “Electric Daisy Carnival” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In 2015 and 2016 Tyler designed and provided the “Haunted Mansion” stage, “Boneshaker” stage, “Green” stage and the “Harder” stage for the “HARD Summer” and “HARD: Day of The Dead” music festivals in Los Angeles, California. Tyler was also the lead rigger for “Air and Style” music and snowboarding festival also in Los Angeles from 2015 to 2016. More recently Tyler was the lead rigger for “Dessert Daze” music and art festival at Lake Perris, California in 2019. Artists including: Bass Nectar, Bjork, Deadmau5, Devo, Flosstradamus, Jack Black, Justice, Kill The Noise, Knife Party, Nero, Porter Robinson, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, The Chemical Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Wu Tang Clan, and many more have preformed on and under Tyler’s stages and rigging systems.

Tyler currently resides in Orange County, CA where he continues to design stages and lighting for people and plants. Tyler is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Dance Music Initiative (DMI), a non-profit educational group. He is also a dedicated father to his nine year old son. Tyler is passionate about lighting, music, fatherhood and surfing. He is proficient with software including: AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Office, WordPress, Linux, Ableton Live, Quickbooks and most lighting control software. Tyler’s work ethic and skills are exceptional because of his experience across various elements of business, life and the entertainment industry.

Education and Qualifications:

– Graduated high school in 2001.

– Studied at Pellissippi State Technical Community College.

– Worked for The University of Tennessee’s theater lighting department.

– Autocad Expert: Over 20 years experience drafting with Autocad and other CAD programs.

– Website Design: Familiar with HTML and WordPress.

– 3ds Max: Familiar with Autodesk 3ds Max rendering software; exceptional at lighting.

– Qualified to calculate rigging loads and supervise the suspension of overhead weight.

– Understands corporate structure, employment regulations, and OSHA standards.

– Has strong management and problem solving skills.

– Has reliable transportation and can operate heavy equipment such as boom lifts and trucks.

– Works at height and has specialized knowledge and specific training to do so safely.

Experience History:

Tyler has a lengthy history of professional experience in many different areas of the entertainment production industry including lighting design, stage design, sound, set construction, props, and stage rigging.

Theater and Dance Lighting Experience:

1990 to 2000- Lighting Crew: Dance Station West, Knoxville, TN.

1994 to 1999- Lighting and Sound Crew: Oak Ridge Community Playhouse, Knoxville, TN.

1997- Tech director: Farragut High School Auditorium, Knoxville, TN.

1999- Lighting Intern: Clarence Brown Theater at University of Tennessee Knoxville, Knoxville, TN.

2000- Assistant Lighting Designer: “Hamlet” Knoxville Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, TN.

2000- Lighting Designer: Christmas Production, Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN.

2001- Lighting Designer: various productions, University of Tennessee Music Hall, Knoxville, TN.

2001- Lighting Designer: various productions, Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN.

2005 to 2006- Staff Master Electrician: Clarence Brown Theater, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.

2011- Production Rigger: “Twist” Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA.

2015 to 2019- Rigging Supervisor: “Microsoft Novo Theater” formally known as “Club Nokia”, Los Angeles, CA.

Music and Festival Lighting / Stage Design and Rigging Experience:

1997- Lighting Designer: “Disciple” concert, Farragut High School, Knoxville, TN.

1998- Lighting Designer: “Fishers of Men” rock band Southeast US tour.

2000- Lighting Designer: “WinterFest” Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN.

2001- Lighting Designer: “Knoxville Symphony Orchestra” Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, TN.

2002- Lighting Crew Chief: “Jewel”, “This Way” tour, United States and Canada.

2003- Programmer: “The Deftones”, “Minerva” tour supporting “Metallica”, United States.

2003- Lighting Crew Chief: “Toby Keith”, “Shocken Yall” tour, United States and Canada.

2004- Lighting Designer / Crew Chief: “Ruben Studdard”, “American Idol” tour, United States.

2004- Lighting Crew Chief: “Moody Blues” tour, United States and Canada.

2004- Lighting Crew Chief / Programmer: “Toby Keith and Willie Nelson” tour, United States and Canada.

2005- Lighting Designer: “Kings of Leon”, “Aha Shake Heartbreak” album release concert, Nashville, TN.

2005- Lighting Designer: “Steve Winwood” tour, United States and Canada.

2006- Lighting Designer: “Opeth” tour, United States and Canada.

2006- Lighting Designer: “Steve Winwood” tour, United States and Canada.

2006- Local Rigger: LA Stagecall (LA Forum, Wiltern, LACC, Long Beach Area, Sony. Studios, Culver Studios), Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

2008- Rigging Supervisor: LA Stagecall, Honda Center, Anaheim, CA.

2008- Lighting Designer: “Steve Winwood”, “Dirty City” tour supporting “Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers”, United States and Canada.

2011- Lighting Designer: Sea Coast Grace Church, Cypress, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Kaskade” concert, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA.

2012 through 2015- Rigging Supervisor: “HARDFEST Day of The Dead” music festival Los Angeles, CA.

2013- Rigging Supervisor “Sweedish House Mafia: One Last Tour” event, LA Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA.

2013- Special Rigging Consultant: “Bjork: Biophilia”, Palladium, Hollywood, CA.

2013 to 2016- Rigging Supervisor / Automation: “Powerhouse” music festival, Anaheim, CA.

2013 to 2016- Rigging Supervisor: “Jack FM” music festival, Irvine Meadows, Orange County, CA.

2013- Rigging Supervisor: “Jack Black”, “Festival Supreme” music festival, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA.

2013 to 2017- Rigging Supervisor: “We Can Survive” Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA.

2013 to 2016- Rigging Supervisor: “KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas” music festival, Gibson Amphitheater, Shrine Theater, LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA.

2014 through 2016- Production Designer / Lighting Designer: “HARD Summer” music festival, Los Angeles, CA.

2014- Structural Design / Rigging Supervision- Stage 2 “EDC Vegas”, “Cosmic Meadow” music festival, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV.

2015- Stage / Lighting Designer: “Haunted Mansion Stage”, “Bone Shaker Stage”, “HARDFEST Day of The Dead” music festival, Fairplex, Los Angeles, CA.

2015 to 2016- Rigging Supervisor: “Air and Style” music and sports festival, Los Angeles, CA.

2016- Stage and Lighting Designer: “HARDER Stage”, “Hard Summer 2016”, Los Angeles, CA.

2012 to 2018- Rigging Supervisor “KROQ Weenie Roast” music festival, Irvine Meadows aka

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Orange County, CA.

2017- Lighting Designer: “Space Camp”, “Youtopia” music and art festival, San Diego, CA.

2019- Lead Rigger: “Dessert Daze” music and art festival, Lake Perris, CA.

2016 to 2020- Production Designer: “Sci-Fighter” theme camp, various festivals, California.

Corporate Lighting and Rigging Experience:

2000 to 2001- Lighting Designer: “Proffitt’s Spring and Fall Fashion” fashion shows, Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN.

2003- Programmer / Crew Chief: “St. Judes Children’s Hospital 50th Anniversary” Memphis, TN.

2008 through 2017- Rigging Supervisor: “Bentley”, “BMW”, “Hyundai”, “Subaru”, “Mazda”, “LA Auto Show” Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Subaru”, “Chicago Auto Show” Chicago, IL.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Herbalife” Los Angeles Convention Center.

2012- Production Supervisor: “Carol Shelby Mustang Tribute” Peterson Auto Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging and Lighting Supervisor: “Bentley”, “Concourse D’elegance” Pebble Beach, CA.

2013- Lighting Director: “Rolls Royce”, “Wraith” product launch, Hollywood, CA.

2013- Lighting Director / Production Rigger: “Shell Eco Marathon” Houston, TX.

2013- Rigging Supervisor / Crane Rigging Supervisor: “Oracle Open World” Howard Street truss structures, San Francisco, CA.

2017- Lighting Designer / Rigging Supervisor: “4A’s” advertising conference, JW Marriott, Los Angeles, CA.

TV and Film Lighting Experience:

1999- Gaffer: “Amma: The Story of Amy Carmichael” Europe shoot, Belfast, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom and India shoot, Paraikankal, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India.

2000- Grip: “Biltmore House” documentary film, Asheville, NC.

2001- Grip: “Goody’s” TV commercial, Knoxville, TN.

2002- Lighting Programming and Operation: “A White House Tribute to Gospel Music” live broadcast, The White House, Washington D. C.

2002 to 2004- Conventional Lighting Operation / Lighting Crew” “WWF: World Wrestling Federation”, “RAW”, and “Smackdown” TV Tour, United States and Canada.

2002- Lighting Console Programming and Operation: “Wrestlemaina X8″ live pay-per-view, Skydome, Toronto, Canada.

2002- Lighting Director: President visit and speech at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, commendation received.

2002- Moving Light Operator: “33rd annual Dove Awards” live telecast, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN.

2003- Lighting Tech / Truss Climber: “Wrestlemaina X9” live pay-per-view, Safeco Field, Seattle, WA.

2008- Lead Rigger: “Mun2” TV studio, Universal City Walk, Los Angeles, CA.

2009- Production Rigger: “American Gladiators” TV show, Sony Studios, Hollywood, CA.

2009- Local Rigger: “Michael Jackson”, “This is it” production rehearsals,The Fourm, Los Angeles, CA .

2011- Lead Rigger: “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show” TV series, Sable Ranch, CA.

2011- Lead Rigger: “Family Game Night 2” TV game show, Hollywood, CA.

2012- Lead Rigger: “Braxton” TV show, Saticoy Studios, Hollywood, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Kids Choice Awards” awards show red carpet structures, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Magician Impossible” TV show, Los Angeles, CA.

2013- Rigging Supervisor: “Splash” TV show, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Guiness Book of World Records Gone Wild” TV show, season 1 and 2, Barker Hanger, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “MTV Video Music Awards” awards show red carpet structures, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA.

2012- Rigging Supervisor: “Take It All” TV game show, Hollywood, CA.

2013- Rigging Supervisor: “The Chase” TV game show, seasons 1-4, Hollywood, CA.

2014- Rigging Supervisor: “Call of Duty” World Championships, Los Angeles, CA.

2014- Super Grid Design / Rigging Supervision: “Monopoly” TV game show, Las Vegas, NV

2017- Rigging Supervisor: “MTV Woodie Awards” live telecast at SXSW Festival, Austin, TX.

2018 to current- Rigging Grip: Local 80, various productions.


upon request


White House Communications Agency – April 8, 2002 – Lighting and Rigging.

RIAA – 2004 – Toby Keith’s “Shock’n Yall” multi platinum album sales.

Pollstar – 2004 – #1 Top Ticket Selling County Tour.

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